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Introduction Have you ever wondered why so many small businesses fail within the first 5 years of operation while others succeed? Obviously, all these businesses started with one clear goal in mind – to make money. Some may say that they fail because of poor leadership which is true.

Others may say the lack of capital which is also true. Interestingly, most people because they fail to prepare for the future. That’s why you need to ask yourself why do you need a business continuity plan? Becoming an entrepreneur is all about taking risks. In order to ensure that your business is sustainable, you need to put in place systems that can prevent threats whether internal or external that may try to infringe on your day to day operations. There are many ideas floated around about the management and consistency of your business, however, the following are some of the viable reasons meant to ensure that your business does not face threats that may lead to its collapse.

Why do you need a Business Continuity Plan?Understand Why Businesses Fail and Learn How to Keep them Afloat The grim reality according to the small business owners association is that 49% of all start-up businesses fail. Therefore, you require a business continuity plan in place in order to mitigate the effects of a hard market or unresponsiveness that you never predicted. The plan ensures that your business recovers fast enough and does not experience major downtime when things are not fairing on as projected.

Losses Incurred During Low Moments of the Business When times are tough, markets tend to be very unresponsive, lowering the sales of most businesses. In case, your business is still new, more money could be sapped, sinking the business into debt. When you have a business plan in place, it prevents you from incurring more losses and boosts your business, allowing it to break even while the situation stabilizes.

Anticipate Catastrophes Accidents are not limited to natural disasters. They consist of a variety of problems that may strike your company and cripple it. These days, organizations face a myriad of problems from software and hardware hacking to malicious attempts to destroy available mechanisms with the aim of destruction for material remuneration or pride. Thus, it’s important to engage in disaster recovery planning measures that can be implemented to assist the businesses.

Protect the Customer As one of the business’s most valuable assets, you need to protect your customers when they visit your business premises and after they leave. When they leave the premises, you are left with their information. You have to safeguard that data so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The contingency plan helps you know what to do in case a customer is faced with a threat within your business premises.

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